Avatar (2009)

IMDB plot:

A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.

Spoilers! Spoilers! Wait, maybe not. Who knows? Ask your Magic 8-Ball.

Announced as the evolution of 3D movies, Avatar is new James Cameron movie after… what? Titanic. Well, that’s what the ads can make you think about.

So, the plot is… exactly what the IMDB says. It’s the classic “mindless drone goes to a fight, decides he’s fighting for the wrong side, decides to switch sides.” Yes, it’s The Last Samurai, but aliens instead of Asians.

Cameron promised it would be the next step in 3D movies. In a way, it’s true. You get so immersed in the 3D environment that it’s hard to see when the real life starts and the 3D ends (or vice-versa.) The problem with it is that the 3D is completely unrelated to what we know about reality, and the few parts that fit can be easily “pasted” in the 3D.

I tried to watch the 3D version (ugh, confusing already? It’s the need-goggles-and-things-get-out-of-the-screen version) but it was full. I was kinda worried about it after watching Journey to the Center of the Earth on TV and you could clearly see the places where the jump-of-the-screen appear (different colour, different shading, that stuff.) When the session was full and I had to buy a normal (2D) ticket, I thought I’d see the same. Thing is, it isn’t. It’s as good as you’d expect (which kinda makes me think how awesome it is in full 3D.)

Acting is… well, how can you judge acting when most of the cast isn’t real? Ok, they used motion capture for everything, but how much is really captured and how much is adjusted by the 3D renderer?

With more than 2 hours and half (2 hours and 40 minutes, to be exact) it’s a little bit long. There is a bunch of eye-candy that doesn’t add anything to the story and could be easily removed but, as it’s “the evolution of 3D”, it had to be added. Right?

Overall, it’s a good movie and the action scenes are really good, even with a beaten up idea like that.

Overal: 4 of 5 stars.

Hollywood now watches anime

It looks like, after trying all the comics, Hollywood decided to turn its eyes to the world of anime. Look this list:


‘Cause an idea is a terrible thing to waste

[2:23:32 PM] Julio Biason says: now I have two projects in my head
[2:23:46 PM] Julio Biason says: first one is a image gallery (much like Gallery), using tags, written in python
[2:23:51 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: ooh
[2:23:58 PM] Julio Biason says: and something that I would call “Replicator”.
[2:24:02 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: heh
[2:24:15 PM] Julio Biason says: replicator is my idea of “update all your social things in just one place”
[2:24:21 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: nice
[2:24:43 PM] Julio Biason says: say, you want to update your picture? Just provide your password for, say, last.fm, facebook, orkut, twitter, pownce and it will upload to all of them and update all profiles.
[2:25:09 PM] Julio Biason says: want to write a blog post? no worries, we replicate it in your wordpress and last.fm (if you point that it is music related)
[2:25:15 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: that’s quite cool actually
[2:25:18 PM] Julio Biason says: pictures? upload to orkut and flickr
[2:26:34 PM] Julio Biason says: i’m still not sure if I do it as an Gtk application, Cocoa application or a web application…
[2:26:49 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: id go for web app myself
[2:27:22 PM] Julio Biason says: The good thing about being a web app is that all the other things are web apps too
[2:27:51 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: well yeah… and accessable from anywhere
[2:27:57 PM] Julio Biason says: the bad thing is that i’ll have to save your passwords to access the other applications, and I’m not keen to putting my password somewhere (even if I wrote the app)
[2:28:16 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: u can get them to type it in everytime! :)
[2:28:19 PM] Julio Biason says: Gtk would be a good choice, as I could (hopefully) easyly port to all other applications (using pygtk)
[2:28:33 PM] Julio Biason says: yeah, I could. but that would be annoying…
[2:28:38 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: yeah

By the way, if you like those ideas, feel free to drop me a note and we can start working on them (I have everything set up for TAGallery, the web gallery, except that I don’t have any code yet.)