Apple just likes what you bought from Apple

I sold my soul to the devil. And now I’m paying the price for it.

I bought a MacBook Pro. Shinny stuff. “Let’s give it a fair go”, I thought. So I let it installed (and did not replace it with Ubuntu) and tried to use its applications. And I must say one thing: while I can’t use Windows ’cause I feel like it is always trying to get in your way, OS X doesn’t. It is almost like Linux (well, GNOME, actually, since it is my preferred desktop environment), except for the stupid default options (tab just jumps over text fields, why?)

As any good geek, I broke the system by forcefully removing Python 2.3 (which is part of the system). And, since I couldn’t find a package to reinstall it on the CDs, I decided to format and reinstall everything.

After almost two hours (why every installation need to check the DVD integrity?), I had a system running again. Time to setup the most used application in any computer I had: the music player. So, because I had synced my iPod with iTunes before formating, I thought it would be just a matter of pluging the iPod, point that this is my computer and that is my iPod and everything would be fine. Wrong.

You see, I set up iTunes with my iTMS account. So I could transfer the songs I bought there to the computer. But there was no fucking way to say “now transfer all other songs.” iTunes refused to open the iPod songs and I couldn’t find a way to say “this is MY iPod, you freaking stupid piece of computer crap.” There was only one option: erase and sync (which meant I would delete everything on my iPod and then copy the songs I bought from iTMS to it. Bu-bye 6000 songs, hello 100 songs. Not good. Because I’m really fussy with my songs, I made a backup of all of them on my external drive. So I had to copy all of them back to iTunes, then I could erase my iPod and sync again.

Honestly, I felt like I was using Windows again. The operating system decided to get on the way I do my stuff. Why can’t I just use my iPod was a big USB drive and ask the computer to copy them from one side to the other?