Facing old desires

When I was 18, I had this dream of, when I get old, I would have a big, white beard, a long, white hair and ride my Harley Davidson everywhere. Time would take care of giving my white hairs and enough money to buy a Harley Davidson, so all I had to was to grow my hair and beard.

I had long hair some three, four years ago. When it got hard to handle, I cut it.

A few weeks ago I decided to grow my beard. And, honestly, I don’t look good with a beard longer than 3mm.

That made me think about something else I want for a long time: tattoos. I want some for a long time already, but that experience with the beard made me thing. I mean, when a beard doesn’t look good, you can cut it down and get your clean, shaven face again; when a tattoo doesn’t look good, you are, basically, screwed.

I still think about getting a tattoo, but I’m fucking worried about it now.