Changing perspectives

So I let this blog a little bit “abandoned” lately. The thing is, I’m not in the mood to blog. Mostly because I don’t think I’m doing anything interesting or worth noting (at least, by my own standards.) But I’m reading “Ghost Rider” and I think one of the small pieces I’m really enjoying (well, more than the book itself) is the “journal” entries Neil Peart adds from time to time. He describes a little bit of what he did and what did happen and his fears and thoughts… A journal.

So I’m thinking about doing something like that now too. Keep a little journal of my life. Not that I’m a noteworthy person or that I think people would be interested in what time I poop and things like that. But there is something on those journal notes that really interest me (call me egocentric if you want, but hey, this is my blog!) So… yeah, a little bit less of journalism and a little bit more of a journal.

I thought about making it a separate blog, trying different options (NanoBlogger or WebLog) but then this will become a “Delicious and Twitter” only which I think it’s pretty boring. Because it is uninteresting right now, I think it’s the right place for such entries. It’s just a little bit more of uninteresting stuff. ;)

There is one question, thought: How long I’ll keep up with this? Lately, I’m not in a mood to do things. My To-Do list on RememberTheMilk grows every day and I can finish anything. But I think if I manage to keep at least something as simple as this, maybe I’ll get in the mood to keep things going forward. I think the fact that my daily routine is so… “unroutinely”… that I don’t know what to do and when to do anymore. Right now, just hopes, even when I think it would be pretty easy, since I’m sitting in front of the computer the whole day (so it’s easy to keep small notes and then write a long essay in the end of the day.)

‘Cause an idea is a terrible thing to waste

[2:23:32 PM] Julio Biason says: now I have two projects in my head
[2:23:46 PM] Julio Biason says: first one is a image gallery (much like Gallery), using tags, written in python
[2:23:51 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: ooh
[2:23:58 PM] Julio Biason says: and something that I would call “Replicator”.
[2:24:02 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: heh
[2:24:15 PM] Julio Biason says: replicator is my idea of “update all your social things in just one place”
[2:24:21 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: nice
[2:24:43 PM] Julio Biason says: say, you want to update your picture? Just provide your password for, say,, facebook, orkut, twitter, pownce and it will upload to all of them and update all profiles.
[2:25:09 PM] Julio Biason says: want to write a blog post? no worries, we replicate it in your wordpress and (if you point that it is music related)
[2:25:15 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: that’s quite cool actually
[2:25:18 PM] Julio Biason says: pictures? upload to orkut and flickr
[2:26:34 PM] Julio Biason says: i’m still not sure if I do it as an Gtk application, Cocoa application or a web application…
[2:26:49 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: id go for web app myself
[2:27:22 PM] Julio Biason says: The good thing about being a web app is that all the other things are web apps too
[2:27:51 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: well yeah… and accessable from anywhere
[2:27:57 PM] Julio Biason says: the bad thing is that i’ll have to save your passwords to access the other applications, and I’m not keen to putting my password somewhere (even if I wrote the app)
[2:28:16 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: u can get them to type it in everytime! :)
[2:28:19 PM] Julio Biason says: Gtk would be a good choice, as I could (hopefully) easyly port to all other applications (using pygtk)
[2:28:33 PM] Julio Biason says: yeah, I could. but that would be annoying…
[2:28:38 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: yeah

By the way, if you like those ideas, feel free to drop me a note and we can start working on them (I have everything set up for TAGallery, the web gallery, except that I don’t have any code yet.)