Blogs: what they were and what they are

When you still had to use dial up to connect to the internet, a few people thought they could put they “My Dear Diary” on the web. It was more pratical do maintain, you could add things anywhere there was a phone line and a modem (hint: not many places at the time) and you didn’t have to carry a book under your arm. I’m not kidding about the “diary” thing: in the beginning, you could spot a lot of “today, someone kiss me, hihihi” things around. People weren’t afraid to tell how they were feeling and such, because it was so new no one you know would actually read that stuff.

And then, suddenly, internet became mainstream. It was a media everyone was looking to reach, like TV and newspaper. And it reached every house, at amazing speeds (if you still remember downloading things over dial up.) And then, suddenly, bloggers became “journalists” and the magic was gone. People wouldn’t tell their feelings, they would tell what they saw, ’cause that’s what “journalists” do. And then people dropped jobs to become full time bloggers, like a journalist without a newspaper.

So, basically, blogs turned from being “dairies” to another way to make money. It became another company-thing and less a personal-thing.

But, why the hell would I write a post about it? Because I’m feeling the need of a “dear diary”, but I don’t want that everyone knows it.