Last night, annoyed with the faulty internet and a damn headache, played with the Dreamhost OneClick Install to do a WordPress upgrade and found ZenPhoto. It have tags, but I don’t see any on demo and doesn’t seem to be too prominent. Still have market for Tagallery. Layout is nice, though it could the Web Gallery killer.

When to sleep with migraine, had a weird dream (something about me not being me but my father and desperate about losing a friendship). Woke up tired, physically and emotionally.

Most of the day playing WoW.

Realized the AJAX bit on Tagallery is not AJAX. JavaScript looks pretty ugly, so I’m doing something really wrong (or really right.)

FunnnySpam now have two followers. Not sure if they think it’s really funny or are randomly adding people.

Zen pictures

Just a note for people looking at my pictures: This morning (Sydney time) I switched from Gallery to ZenPhoto. Mostly ’cause it’s way simple and seems easier to manage. No pictures or albums were lost, but the titles and descriptions are gone. Not a big deal, I guess, as most of them didn’t have the proper description and title anyway and I don’t plan to fix that soon, reason being I’m writing my own gallery application and I expect it to replace any gallery application I have. Of course, I can’t just replace it right now ’cause it’s in the initial steps, but it’ll happen, sooner or later. And then I’ll fix those issues.

Pics.JulioBiason.net will now redirect to Photos.JulioBiason.net.

‘Cause an idea is a terrible thing to waste

[2:23:32 PM] Julio Biason says: now I have two projects in my head
[2:23:46 PM] Julio Biason says: first one is a image gallery (much like Gallery), using tags, written in python
[2:23:51 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: ooh
[2:23:58 PM] Julio Biason says: and something that I would call “Replicator”.
[2:24:02 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: heh
[2:24:15 PM] Julio Biason says: replicator is my idea of “update all your social things in just one place”
[2:24:21 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: nice
[2:24:43 PM] Julio Biason says: say, you want to update your picture? Just provide your password for, say, last.fm, facebook, orkut, twitter, pownce and it will upload to all of them and update all profiles.
[2:25:09 PM] Julio Biason says: want to write a blog post? no worries, we replicate it in your wordpress and last.fm (if you point that it is music related)
[2:25:15 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: that’s quite cool actually
[2:25:18 PM] Julio Biason says: pictures? upload to orkut and flickr
[2:26:34 PM] Julio Biason says: i’m still not sure if I do it as an Gtk application, Cocoa application or a web application…
[2:26:49 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: id go for web app myself
[2:27:22 PM] Julio Biason says: The good thing about being a web app is that all the other things are web apps too
[2:27:51 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: well yeah… and accessable from anywhere
[2:27:57 PM] Julio Biason says: the bad thing is that i’ll have to save your passwords to access the other applications, and I’m not keen to putting my password somewhere (even if I wrote the app)
[2:28:16 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: u can get them to type it in everytime! :)
[2:28:19 PM] Julio Biason says: Gtk would be a good choice, as I could (hopefully) easyly port to all other applications (using pygtk)
[2:28:33 PM] Julio Biason says: yeah, I could. but that would be annoying…
[2:28:38 PM] Gerald Kaszuba says: yeah

By the way, if you like those ideas, feel free to drop me a note and we can start working on them (I have everything set up for TAGallery, the web gallery, except that I don’t have any code yet.)