Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

IMDB plot:

A military officer is brought into an alien war against an extraterrestrial enemy who can reset the day and know the future. When this officer is enabled with the same power, he teams up with a Special Forces warrior to try and end the war.

Trans-temporal spoilers in this.

Edge of Tomorrow — or “Live, Die, Repeat”, depending on where you saw it — plot is this: Future Earth is under attack by some alien race. They start to win everything till, one day, for some unknown reason, a propaganda boy is sent to the front lines. He manages to kill one single alien in his untrained form, but dies and, somehow, return to the start of the battle. And then he has to fight again, and he dies again, and he returns to the start of the battle. Now gaining more insight about the battle on each restart, he can win the war. Or can he?

The premise is pretty damn fun: You know those movies with martial arts with an elder trainer/teacher/sensei is training some young pupil and you only see the pupil messing up and the trainer/teacher/sensei saying “Repeat!” over and over again? Imagine a whole movie about it! Ok, not a whole movie about it, but it sounds fun that you keep doing slow pieces of the story over and over again to see how Tom Cruise character, Cage, learning how to kill every enemy that appears in front of him, learning to do really awesome movements each time, and each time the combat gets awesomer in each run. It’s like seeing the pupil going from student to master!

Except, it doesn’t.

At some point, you think you’re doing something for the first time and then… boom, it’s the fifth-or-so time, when you never saw all the previous tries. That kills all the fun of the movie. There is another problem with this scene: All the time you were seeing the movie from Cage (Cruise) perspective; this point suddenly switch to Rita (Emily Blunt), giving the viewer the same suspense of the first of her. With no sign that the focus changed.

At this point, things go downhill, till it goes below 0 in the X axis at the end: because it’s a Tom Cruise movie and there is some sexual tension between Cage and Rita and nothing happens the whole movie, there must be something special at the end, right? RIGHT? Again, at the very end, the movie kills all the good, positive points it gathered till the middle of the movie, even with the few it loses by switching focus, in a single, very stupid solution for the Cruise problem.

Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. He’s been doing sci-fis for some time already, so you know what to expect. Blunt is likable and weirdly enough both work find together. Everyone else got into the “seriously an extra”. Oh yeah, they have names, but heck if you can remember the name of two or more in the end credits (without reading said credits, that is).

Edge of Tomorrow is still a fun movie to watch, if you let the little and medium things slip by. I give it 9 out of 3 lives, reseting, in the end.