New personal project

It was in the way to the Olympic Park, where I was about to see The Police, that I saw that big deposit. I just pointed to it and Gerald said it was, actually, a market, where you could buy cheap stuff. Also, a few stations before that, I was looking at the window and said it aloud “Man, this doesn’t look like Sydney.” Then again, I was hit by that feeling that, even after living one year here, I still don’t know Sydney.

So I decided to put several things together: First, there are several train stations in this city (159, if I didn’t mistyped anything); second, you can take your bike in the train in the weekends without paying more for that; third, I have a GPS; fourth, Flickr have a geotagging thing for photos; fifth, I have a camera. I put everything together, asked “Will it blend? That’s is the question!” and I got Sydney: One Station At Time, my new weekend project. Weather allowing, I will pick a station (order already choosen by my amazing Python script), go there, ride around, take some pictures, come back and put it on Flickr (and my personal picture site.)

I still don’t have the specific details. Like “What time should I take the train?” My current idea is to go in the middle of the morning, ride a little, take some pictures, lunch, ride a little bit more and then come back (and, obviously, post the pictures online as soon as I get near an internet connection.)

I’m taking in this project: My GPS (really sucky, I should probably get a better one), my bicycle, my faithful N800 (still kicking ass) and my Canon IXUS 800IS (which doesn’t have the better quality ever, but it is good enough for this.)

As soon as I get pictures, I’ll post it here. You can keep an eye in the page above, as I will update it when the day and link for the pictures.