The best of the Bad Slashdot

As I was expecting, a lot of geek hate on Slashdot article about the new Star Trek trailer. Basically, it’s the same thing I’m saying since the very first real thing. But here, let me show you some of the best or the worst of Slashdot:


As both franchise got similarly raped by dubious quality prequels

I had some hopes for this movie, because I like JJ Abrams. Now that I’ve seen the trailer, I can’t help but agree with you. Holy crap, what is so hard about making good star trek movies? They have so much background to choose from, finding the right story should be easy.

Actually, I know what the problem is. They see the fanbase as a bonus, not as the target demographic. We have these people who are going to see the movie no matter what, so might as well aim for a completely different demographic. This way we get the other people AND the trek nerds!!!


Hmmmmm, Scotty, Kirk, McCoy, Spock, Uhuru, Sulu and Checkov all at the academy at the same time despite the differences in age. Yeah, this is gonna’ suck.

Yup, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Abrams has no regard whatsoever for the history of the series. McCoy was older than both Kirk and Spock (so was Scotty, but not by much), and Sulu, Uhura, and especially Chekov were all younger than Kirk… Chekov was a freakin’ ensign, and didn’t even join the series until year two. Now Abrams has them all at the academy at the same time?

This isn’t Star Trek. It’s Starfleet 90210.


I noticed something wrong too: if you watch the trailer closely, you’ll notice that it looks like this movie is shit.


As has already been mentioned this looks more like a Summer Blockbluster then anything else. I was expecting to see Will Smith strut into a scene with a cigar splutting a corney one-liner.

ST is old. We have had 18 YEARS of non-stop Trek (TNG aired in 1987, Enterprise ended in 2005) and reusing the same script for many of those shows. We were/are tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. You know what we are not tired of?

Hope, charisma, and a calm assurance of success.

TOS had this in spades, and we responded with resounding joy. The others all took a piece of that formula, but none had it the same.

This movie looks like it has nothing to offer but flash and CGI. The original Kirk could have just as easily been a pirate-ship captain; he was cunning, daring, full of guile, and a swashbuckler. This new Kirk looks like Prep-School prankster.

This reboot looks like it has lost the original intent. That is why it will fail.


My favorite of the TOS movies was 6 because the enemy overestimated Kirk’s racism and underestimated his intelligence and dedication to duty. The turning point was when, instead of starting the war he was expected to start, he said “signal our surrender.” In TOS, Kirk was never a warmonger or really prone to violence at all. Not a hothead. Maybe these people watched the old series and noticed all the fights and shit without noticing that Kirk didn’t start hardly any of it. And when he did start a fight, it was more to prove a point or to keep someone else from having to fight. Kirk doesn’t like losing. Anything. That’s the fundamental truth of Kirk.

I don’t expect this movie to show an old, wise, thoughtful Kirk, but let’s not turn him into a stereotypic cocky youth.