Mitter public annoucement: Mitter is going git

Just to let everybody know: Mitter will not use Google Code SVN repositories anymore. The source is still available for those that know the URLs but the information is not available to the public anymore. Other things like Wiki, issues and downloads will still be available in the Google Code space.

Mitter source code is not being hosted with Gitorious and it’s available for everyone to clone it. Also, Gitorious offers options for automatic cloning so all you need is a Gitorius account.

Small PQA (Possibile Questions and Answers):

  • Why Git?
    For one thing, I’m feeling comfortable with Git workflow and tools. Second, I prefer the way Git does “in-place” branching, so you don’t have a lot of directories laying around your disk.
  • Why Gitorius and not GitHub?
    I know how GitHub is everybody and their mum’s favourite git repository and interface. But, as an open source supporter, I chose Gitorious exactly ’cause they provide the source code of their project for everyone. I’m not saying that GitHub is wrong charging people for their project, it’s just that I prefer to support open source.
  • What about the other branches that were laying around in the SVN repository?
    They are still there, but I didn’t import them into Gitorious. Most of them were not being used anymore but, if something is needed, the source is still there.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.