And then I was 13 again

Since Monday (27), my mum is in Sydney to know the city and see her son. Since then, we are doing laps around CDB (where her hotel is) and Sydney Harbour (where the Opera House is) and, sometimes, Darling Harbour (where the Aquarium is.)

But yesterday we broke the cycle and went to Taronga Zoo, in the other side of the Harbour. It was something I was planing to do for some time already, but never really got into getting a ferry and going there. Always, there was something else to do.

One thing about my mum: She’s almost 60, but she’s a “professional walker.” She can walk for hours without a problem. Me, I’m a professional cyclist. I’m terrible walking. Just to let you know, one the first day, my right leg was killing me just after the first day. On the second day, it was both legs and my back. Yesterday, it was the legs and feet.

But even with all that pain, when we got there, I absolutely, with no exceptions, had to see everything. We got a map and I got a pen and was checking every animal I saw.

(In case you’re wondering, the map shows the whole Zoo, with small icons showing where you can find the animals.)

If I knew I’d have so great time there, I’d go there soon. Obviously, now I want to go there again, to see the shows. We managed to only see the birds show, which is really amazing, with birds flying just above your head, in open air.

So, if you are around Sydney and, even if you don’t like animals that much, go to the Zoo. Also, drop me a note, so I can go with you. ;)

PS: Pics coming soon.